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2008 olympic archery rules

Sonic and Mario compete in 24 Olympic disciplines

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games has been developed by Sega Japan and Sega Sports. Nintendo Print version of the game in Japan, while Sega is the publisher of the version of the game to Europe and North America. Development Supervisor Shigeru Miyamoto is the game. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is based on the Wii and Nintendo DS. In North America, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Wii version has beginning November 6, 2007, Australia and Japan, was released November 22, 2007, in Europe, was published on November 23, 2007. Mario & Sonic Olympic Games Nintendo Wii version DS Lite, version debuted January 17, 2008. In North America, made its debut January 22, 2008. In Australia, debuted February 7, 2008. In Europe, made its debut February 8, 2008. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games can be played as a game player single or multiple. The game is rated CERO (A), the ESRB (E) OFLC (G) and (PEGI 3 +). Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games' menu and the characters are controlled with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk or the D-pad.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games consists of 24 events of the Olympic Games. Events are classified into different categories such as athletics, fencing, shooting bow oar, etc. After putting the game on the console, press the start button. From the main menu, you can see the different options. If you choose a player, you play the game itself. If you choose a game, you can choose an event and a character. Party only option allows you to set the rules of competition by clicking Set rules. The optional tour allows you to unlock more events you've managed to complete each test. Option circuit contains 16 different circuits. In each circuit, you must face an enemy. To unlock the next event, you must complete the event in the top three positions. You can use a coin to earn double points before each event.

The gallery consists of mini-games that, once the winner will be revealed some interesting facts about the Olympics. There are more than 5 games in the gallery including modern Olympic Trivia Olympic Games Beijing 2008 Olympic Games of antiquity, and athletes. The difficulty level increases with each game. In the Olympic Trivia, who are obliged to follow the sequence on the bottom screen, pressing the jewels on the top screen. The sequence of the gems is complicated going to higher levels. You just have to score five points for the next level. In the modern Olympic Games, you are required to throw the green shell toward opponent in the top of the screen. In Beijing 2008 Games, you will find three different cards. During the ancient Olympic Games, you are required to control a plane and use it to accumulate in the form of gold rings as you can. The athletes play, we have to separate the enemies in a continuous loop and place them in the appropriate box. A measure you complete each mini-game, you can unlock new songs and listen to the topic at the Sonic and Mario games.

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