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2009 archery kills

Rocket Finder Aeroheads meat: Beef Seekers why they are called

Rocket meat Aeroheads Seeker: whay why applicants are called meat.

The, 027 "stainless steel blades, 3 / 8" in flight. A larger version of Mini Blaster 3L. ring later. Blades are angled a little more speed and launch up to 260 '/ sec., below 260' / sec. toric move behind the plate to accelerate the opening up a notch.

Rocket Steel 100 grain Aeroheads

100 grains, with 7 / 8 "cutting diameter and 3 0.036" sheets of bacon very thick. Ultimate Steel 100 is been machined in one piece of solid steel with the Pathfinder point. Ultimate Steel 100 can group the arrow pints field at a speed of 300 frames per second. Never underestimate cutting diameter of a steel Ultimate 100: Register as New Sci picked Kodiak bear.

3 pk. Aeroheads Rocket Sidewinder 3?

Coiled and ready to attack, Sidewinder is a recent addition to Aeroheads arsenal of rockets. Sidewinder 3 has a 1 / 2 "cutting diameter, three of thickness 0.036" Blades & 100-grain. It sports a new Pathfinder on the impact of court style with sharp steel tip. Concave gash Pathfinder concentrates a lot of resistance to break bones small surface, while blocking the right path allows the tip and shaft of a hand.

Buck Blaster Rocket Aerohead overall head

Combination of three folding and three fixed steel plates. It can also be shot in 100-grain without fixed pitch. Six stainless steel blades, 125 grain, two 3 / 4 " diameter, and, 027 thickness, probing point.

Pack Rocket Aerohead THEMATIC three wide

Kinetic energy information Splintering Pathfinder help to convey to send threatening to kill a unique cutting power. 3 fixed blades fast and deep penetration to maximize the speed of the arrows, and internal bleeding. The wide head is prepared for any animal large or small.

Rocket Aerohead big heads

Rocket Aerohead big heads blend provides unprecedented accuracy and stopping power! Available Now Trophy Ridge Undertaker head wide. Never in the blood of flight more difficult than it should be. With Trophy Ridge Undertaker, you get final insights that result in a ticket Mass & Exit Wounds. All these blades are deployed without levers or cams that fail because of energy loss. "Hammer piston" technology delivers new sheet each time.

Has anyone used Aeroheads Rocket head Wide mechanical, I think they are known or meat Rocket Aeroheads search. Someone gave me 3 new in the box and the package says "Rocket Aeroheads big heads" but seem Trophy Ridge Undertaker know or ample head Finder. I shot fixed blade, however, look good. But appearances can be deceiving

It's a little confusing; essential is that these are all the same charges. Points that are causing the piston and were procured, processed by companies Trophy Ridge and renamed.
For 2009, are reappointed as researchers from the meat and there are plenty of deer began last year with them. I went hunting with 7 boys and that they all use those lines. Libra weighing between 200 and 250, and had to go through all the world & 0 broken leaves. These elevations were head that I never used much because I was very impressed! Therefore, this aid

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Pennsylvania archery Season Doe Kill 2009 Oct 28th

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