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interesting archery facts
Can someone interesting or fun facts about Pennsylvania, which are related to hunting?

I have to do a project for During my title of a slide show on the sporting life, hunting is a sport for life if I chose this course. Anyone have any facts / fun interesting can pitch like most municipalities throughout the habit of taking part, the most common type of game taken something interesting or do you offer? I know that Pennsylvania is one of the few states that allow it to hunt during the archery season springs, also one of the few states that allow Buck times, the law was in first game 1721.

In 1721 Pennsylvania deer were allowed to be conducted on July 1 January 1 and the fine for shooting in a season was 20 shillings. Indians were exempted in 1749 .* Deer have been hunted from 1 August to 1 December and fined for hunting outside the season was 40 shillings .* On January 27 In 1749 it was illegal to hunt deer on Sundays except "when necessary". .. Only the people of Pennsylvania in May 1840 killing of deer in Monroe, Pike and Wayne counties .*.. 1851, August 1 Deer Hunting has been suspended for five (5 *) years in Cumberland and Franklin counties .* In 1873, Sunday hunting is prohibited .*.. In 1873, the first dogs prohibited statewide submit their applications deer or elk in October 1878 Pike County .* 1 prohibits deer hunting three (3 *) years .*.. In 1897, saline solution, and the dogs are prohibited in all States Deer Hunting .*.. In 1905 Deer bag limit season was reduced to two (2 *) to one (1 *) Deer .*.. In 1906 Michigan Deer stock first (50) a total of 1192 have been acquired and published by Agency from 1906 to 1925 .*.. In 1907, the First Pennsylvania Buck Act was passed, under which was the subject of a absolute .*.. In 1923, the Gaming Commission given the authority to set antlerless deer season. The first season was held from 19 to 23 December in Washington and Quincy municipalities, Franklin County, 100 licenses allotted at $ 5.00 each, 8 legal and 1 illegal Deer taken .*.. In 1925, deer farmers to prevent food when killed while causing crop damage .*.. In 1928, the first season for antlerless deer statewide in 16 counties closed. (Deer must weigh at least 50 .}*.. dress pounds In 1931, the first Open Season Two Buck and Doe, Bucks only with the protection of the ear. Kill is not 24,796 Bucks and 70,255 to 95,051 Total .*.. In 1938 the first statewide season for antlerless deer (Buck season was closed) 171662-is .*.. harvested in 1951, Open Season Special 12 days allowed for hunting deer with bows and arrows only, under a special license to archery .*… $ $ 2.00 Statewide in 1967, first extended (or late or winter) deer hunting bow .*..

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