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2012 olympic archery venue

T20 World Cup 09 in the soil profile

Lorda € ™ s

Despite a major reconstruction under the new year, Lorda € ™ s still a cricket field in contrast to most hostile to the key to many other places have become stages. Playing in a test in the Lords € ™ s still widely regarded as the home of cricket, but many cricketers in the top of a race.

The third Thomas Lorda € ™ s motives were not closed in 1814 and quickly became the main place that cricket has become the sports world € ™ s prominence in the 19th century. While cricket has been overtaken by other international events, and the game has become all commercial Clearly Lorda € ™ to his guard, his place as the Holy House.

The main building is the terracotta colored house, built in 1890 and remains one of the sporta € ™ s world structures more recognizable. Cycle field is right next to the flag Warner Stand, opened in 1958 and named after the well-known player and manager Sir Pelham œPlumâ € â € Warner.

The forum Head was built in 1997 and restored the unique architectural structure, designed by Sir Herbert Baker, which was open in time for the Ashes test in 1926. Baker proposed MCC with Father Time, the creation Summit vane to move around the field in 1996.

The final Remote – The nursery – Is limited by the Compton and Edrich Stands, a pair of low-level, two levels, built in 1990, are remarkably similar to those they replaced. Legend has it that Gubby Allen, CACM € ™ s long-appointed protector of free time, flatly refused to allow a larger structure, as they have blocked the view nursery and the wooded park on the side of Wellington Street further.

The Tavern (1967) is the least distinguished of the stands and have the functionality Bland 1960. Until late 1980 spectators to be in the hall outside the gallery and watch the procedure but stopped increasing interruptions. The former Tavern, structure covered with ivy, was beloved by customers.

The final stand before returning to the pavilion is the Allen Stand (formerly Q Stand) rather small landfill that serves the flag, in a flood of big match days and Middlesex € ™ s Lounge at another time.

Or, formerly known as Lorda € ™ s Cricket Ground
Established 1814
The name of Lord Thomas
Capacity: 30,000
Projectors Yes, 2009
The names of the Nursery Pavilion End End
Home Team (s) Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex,
Other Lacrosse, Hockey, Sports archery (2012 Olympics)
Curator Mick Hunt
Current local time 10:31, Thursday 21 May 2009 (01:00 UTC)

Kennington Oval

This is all begins. The first test on English soil would be here, in September 1880, resulting in an England victory over Australia by five wickets, WG Grace to score a hundred entry, and this is a test series in England, usually ends.

In particular, it is important that the myth of the ashes was born a few years after the trial began in August 1882. England chasing only 85 to win, is falling from 51 2 to 78 all. The next morning by the Sporting Times published its famous obituary ridicule and legend was born.

Owned by the Duchy of Cornwall (the Prince of Wales, so that their feathers have appeared in Surrey € ™ s badge from 1915), The Oval was born in the cycle of the 1790s in an oval on the road has been what was then a field of cabbages. Garden Error When successful, the land opens like a cricket in 1845 after 10,000 grass were brought from Tooting Common. Surrey Headquarters is because, although he was well outside the boundaries of county for many years.

The land is subject to the owners of gas on the east side. Until recently, the pavilion was built in 1890, and the Vauxhall stand were the only meaning of any dealings with banks of seats open and very painful that make up the rest of spectator facilities. More new expansion, This culminated in a £ 25 million development that are planned for 2004. It was good enough that the place had suffered from underinvestment and had a feeling of decay about it.

Or, formerly known as The Oval, the oval Amp, the Foster s ™ € Brit Oval The Oval
Established 1845
Capacity 23,500
Projectors Yes, 2009
End names Pavilion End, Vauxhall End
Home Team (s) in England, Surrey
Current local time 11:34, Thursday, May 21st, 2009 (01:00 UTC)

Trent Bridge

Spectacular Trent Bridge Test in 1899 and its primary is a habit, and accepted fixture in the circuit internationally. This was used to being the birthplace of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club and Notts County Football Club, but when football and cricket for the period were considered too spread beyond (club since 1910) football with enthusiasm a few hundred meters left on Meadow Lane. Trent Bridge has been home to some of cricketers in the world of luxury, Gary Sobers, Clive Rice and Richard Hadlee have all the elegance of the earth and left a permanent place in history. She received an unforgettable moment in international cricket in 1965 Graeme and Peter Pollock led South Africa's famous triumph, Graeme a century ago is still considered one of the best entries played by a South African. In 1989, Mark Taylor and Geoff Marsh gave England, beaten by a day to forget, when on average the first day, getting to 301 without failure. The land has been a number of significant growth in recent years. Part of the office is such an important part of Trent Bridge as the Pavilion, built near a curve in the land was sold to create money, and more recently the Radcliffe Road and Fox Road stands, with its understanding of the structure of fashion Trent Bridge have been one reason for the detection of the most excellent of the nation. The Trent Bridge Inn is one of the most beautiful spots for a post-match drink.

Also or formerly known as Trent Bridge Ground
Established 1841
Named after the River Trent
Capacity 15,350 (or 17,000)
Projectors Yes installed in 2008,
The name ends Pavilion End, Radcliffe Road End
Home Team (s) from Nottinghamshire
Other sports Football (Nottm Forest and Notts County) 1860-1910
Current local time 11:53, Thursday 21 May 2009 (01:00 UTC)

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