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Penalty Shoot-Out: How to be sure score

It's a dilemma that men and women have suffered for centuries.

When writing about the pressure to win an archery contest, the 3rd century BC writer Taoist Chuang Tzu says that when we focus on price, and not work, we lose our ability edge. He said: â € Oean Archer shooting of a clay vase outbreaks effortless expertise unhindered. If the price is changed to an ornament, his hands begin to shake. If it becomes gold, squints, as if he was going blind. Its ability does not deteriorate, but his belief in the reality, as it allows the expected value, to reward its external Dim Vision.E €

Of course, the stars of football and archery champion sand € ™ t the only ones affected by the price of winning.

Câ € ™ is well known that the most vulnerable to the negotiations just before the end, when, perhaps after a long and difficult one side is the price of a deal within its reach and relax mentally hurling Guard in the finish line. As one proverb states India: â € œBeware the tiger at the end of fight.â Thata € € ™ s time, apparently on foot, but felt his opponent relax the tiger turned and made his strike.

In a negotiation, one of the cleverest ploys as experienced negotiator can use is the trick Salami. Went then when it rejected a major concession during negotiations, but conceded in the end little by little, because the less experienced negotiator relaxes its guard. Câ € ™ is like a sausage that is given a slice of time, even before knowing where you are, the sausage is gone.

The reason for failure in the last time in all these tests is that entertaining. In short, it loses focus.

When we focus on the task, our attention turns to him. We let go of unforgettable memories of past thoughts and attempts for the future. We open ourselves to what is happening here and now.

The word â € œfocusâ € comes directly from the Latin word meaning â € € œfocusâ a fireplace or a fire. In the days before electricity, the fire was in the center of the house. Those who are fortunate enough to have a fireplace in their homes today know that when a ™ € s winter afternoon can only look into a fireplace or in the coals and get lost in their dreams.

There are actually two types of activity: hard and soft.

Hard Focus is the same as the concentration or vision tunnel when everyone knows is Whata € ™ s in front of you as an athlete than 100 meters long from its title, to the exclusion of everything else.

There are two ways of entering a state to focus its efforts. The first is being physically yet. The other is to eliminate all distractions. Once you clear everything around you care unit focuses Whata € ™ s left.

Blur has a different quality. Câ € ™ is also known as one purpose immersion, excitement zero point, and the flow of free thought.

Instead of focusing your mind on your target in a laser as it should, to expand consciousness in a dream to include the entire environment. You give the time and place. You can even become aware of itself to decoupled.

A good exercise "soft focus" is to imagine a blue feather floating in the wind. There is no fate, no time, no barriers. You are aware of itself and expand in the sense of freedom and opportunity.

Itâ € ™ s the time that time stands still and has no meaning, while the hours pass like minutes and minutes like hours.

Câ € ™ is what Daniel Coleman called â € € œflowâ: a state of forgetfulness, the opposite of rumination and worry. Instead of getting lost in the nervous preoccupation flows of people are so absorbed in the task that they lose all sense of self, the abandonment of pre-occupations of small and € "health bills, do much € A" of everyday life.

Y ™ € Thata s the secret of development: do the job his sake, not for what she wears.

In his book God œThank â € Itâ € ™ s Monday Charles Cameron and Suzanne € Ellusor describe see a Zen monk sweeping the snow on the steps of a temple in the middle of a snowstorm. Plus it snowed, was swept away. The monk did not expect to remove traces of snow to beat the storm. The didnâ € ™ t expect anything. Simplicity his actions were enough to be worth it, a process rather than outcome, instead of being completed.

That's what they call a œzenningâ and Ita € € € ™ s at the heart of any success.

There is really only two ways you can fail in any business. The first is to give up. The other is trying too hard. If youâ € ™ Re at the last hurdle, the last mile, or about to take the final picture in a tie game, you just have to learn to slow down, let go and trust in yourself. Thata € ™ s when youâ € ™ ll discover all the energies of the opening for you and success will surely be yours.

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