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Getting ready for archery bow hunting season?  I can attest that my excitement levels nearly surpass that of when I was 5 years old the night before Christmas.  All the preparation of scouting, placing tree stands, setting game cams and spending time looking for sign are sure to resonate with the hunter that has the Archery Bow hunting fever.

I wanted to create a website by a bow hunter specifically for the hunting purist.  We, NON-SNIPERS, are a rare and dying breed and the thought of shooting game at 300 yards that can’t see you, can’t smell you or can’t hear you does not really make me feel like a macho man or help me preform better at night with my wife!  (I am sorry if I am offending anyone but I have been there and done that!)  Ethically killing trophy game at 10 yards in a ground blind or tree stand with an arrow….now that makes my heart race!

I hope I can offer helpful insight on archery bow hunting information for all levels of hunters.  I know if it were not for my deceased grand father, deceased father and deceased uncles, I would have never had the opportunity to get involved with archery bow hunting.  I have a burning desire and passion to help others like myself searching for honest reviews, tips, techniques and useful information.  Please come back often as I try and figure out how to post more useful content to this site.

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One Response to “Archery Bow Hunting”

  • Dave:

    I’m a 1 arm shooter in WA.
    i’m looking foward to this years 3~d shoot season, it would be nice to do the I.B.O Series
    Today is 03-03-10 the I.B.O Tripple crown shoot is coming Soon, i’m looking for other physicaly challenged shooters to partisapate in the 3 shoot series, we need a minium of 3 shooters to open up the Physicaly Challenged Class.
    I’m trying to find other Physicaly challenged shooters in WA. ID. MT. OR. WY. That would be willing to do the tripple crown shoots
    1st leg is Mar 27th~28th in Spokane WA.
    2nd leg is Apr 17th~18th in Black Diamond WA.
    3rd leg is Jun 5th~6th in Lagrand OR.

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