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archery Ideas Science Fair Project?

Help me … as soon as possible

You can choose a compound bow in out and about making the arc has left out, also speaks of the force curve to draw a compound bow in front of a recurve bow in front of a Arch. Another alternative is to speak of the paradox the goalkeeper. Compare a recurve archer paradox vs compound with liberation. Yet another speaks of the dynamics flying arrows, what a difference heavier than a point in the flight of the arrow before a point clear. What is the decision point for the behavior of the arrow. What kind of tail to the flight of the arrow? Wings of feathers vs vs vs tour lasts bidelta Palettes. For other references to a google search on Joe Tapley. He is an engineer who happens to be an archer and he studied the physics of arrow flight, more than any other archers there. I used to have a site with all their conclusions, I do not know if it is still in place.

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