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bow hunting accessories quiver

what is a good compuond bow for deer hunting and under $300?

i want one with all the accessories like the quiver and a drop a way and sights and the vibration reducer and all that good stuff and anything else yall expert hunters might suggest i dont know that much about bows im more of an firearm expert but im wanting to get in archery and hunting with it and also the bow has gotta be camo or i wont buy it

The best place I can tell you to buy a bow is Archery Talk. Just go to google and search ”archery talk classifieds” I have bought multiple bow from there and have never had any issues. Most of the bows are sold bare but some people sell them as packages also. If you do decide to purchase one, you need to take it to your local Archery Pro Shop. When I say archery shop I dont mean dicks sporting goods or even cabelas, in my opinion they shouldnt even be aloud to work on or sell bows becuase 99% the ”expert” working on your bow has no training other than reading a book. When you take to a shop just say that you are new to the sport and they will get your set up and ready to go. I cannot stress this enough, IF YOU BOW A BOW WITH A SIGHT ON IT YOU HAVE TO SIGHT IT IN. I cannot tell you how many people I have seen just buy a bow and thing it dead accurate without any tunning or sighting. Also, it is not a good idea to get the bow and go hunting right away with it. You need time to practice and get to know your gear. I good rule of thumb I tell people is, do not go hunting with your bow until you can put 4/4 arrows in a pie tin at 30 yards.

my bear whitetail 2 compound bow

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