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bow hunting groundhog
bow hunting groundhog
What arrow head to use for Groundhog bow hunting???

I currently use Judo small game heads for groundhogs. They are those heads with the springs and the points on them. There was a high volume of hogs out there today in the hay fields i hunt in because the farmer just cut the fields to bail for his cattle. I shot two groundhogs and both just ran into the holes. The second one had great sign on the arrow but it still went in the hole. Im looking for something that will kill instantly. Those are supposed to kill on shocking power my %$#! THe hogs just ran back in the hole. Could it be that they are just near the hold when they are shot or should I use some cheap broadheads? Any other ideas would be appreciated thanks for your help

Look Ground hogs are some tough little son of a guns. What I always used was cheap arrows and field point and did not always kill them but stuck a lot to the ground. The little buggers even still after being shot clean through chewed the shaft off a time or 2. You will also know your hits. The only reason for the cheap arrows is because you can easily ruin a lot of good arrows on ground shots.

Hunting Groundhog with Bow

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