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bow hunting regulations
bow hunting regulations

Deer Hunting In Texas – Rules You Must Stick To

Texas has long been known for its great deer population. Whether whitetail or mule deer, many hunters flock to the state to bag a trophy. There are however, various regulations that the hunter must abide by to ensure a fun and lawful hunt.

Texas deer hunting regulation prohibits the use of any fully automatic weapon, as is the use of rimfire ammunition. Regardless of the location, Texas law prohibits any firearm discharge outside of one half hour before sunrise to one half hour past sunset. This law is put in place to protect the hunter solely; with the limited amount of light it is too difficult to distinguish other hunters in the woods. Also, Texas requires that a hunter must wear a specified amount of hunter orange while hunting; check local regulations for specifics.

While Texas has thousands of acres of public land available for the hunter to hunt, it is required that he have a Texas license to hunt them. There are certain areas that may however not be hunted, such as federal or state parks, refuges, or wildlife sanctuaries. Hunters may also not hunt on public roads or in propagation or nesting areas. Some areas also have special stipulations regarding the discharge of firearms or the use of bows; check local regulations for more details.

While Texas does not require the hunter to log his mule deer or whitetail when using a special permit such as a MLD, they do require it be logged on the back of all other permits. Failing to report can result in up to a $500 fine per kill. Also be sure to check local regulations regarding harvest rules; some areas require a minimum size in order for a buck to be harvested.

In general, the Texas deer season runs between mid November through the early or middle part of December; check local rules for specific dates for the area you’ll be hunting. While there are any number of areas the hunter may choose to hunt, doing an online search is often the best way to find land that may interest him. There are also many hunting leases available from Texas landowners that the hunter may choose to take advantage of. In the case of any hunting trip, it’s imperative that the hunter use extreme caution while in the woods, especially while hunting deer in Texas; it is the most popular hunting season, so there are often many hunters in the woods. With these few rules in mind, and dong research, a hunter can head out into the woods confident that he’ll have a safe and happy hunt.

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