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The Perfect bowshot

When shooting your crossbow in the game, you want to be able to take the perfect shot. To do this, you need the right equipment to be effective in reducing the goal in silence so as not to frighten the animals. There are several accessories to seek help you make the perfect shot.

Choose the correct observation

For hunters there are 3 main types of sites that can be used. These are the eye, the scope and the red dots.

Peep sight

The eye is the most cheapest and easiest of the three options. This is the view that is usually included when you buy a crossbow. When the light is good, this type of view, the works and all others. However you can use the light coming through the small hole in the diaphragm to solve this problem. Needless to say that the bad lighting of this show is almost worthless.

Red dots

Red dots are great to use in all types of lighting. They provide an easy place to do well informed target and they weigh less than the heavier scope. Besides the rain does not ruin its effectiveness. However, since they run on batteries, there is a possibility battery power runs out, leaving him blind. Besides the red spots do not collect light.


The selection leaves are most popular crossbow hunters. Collect light with increased making it easier to see your target in the dark. Some fields are equipped with a grid to offset the trajectory of the crossbow. Unfortunately, his vision is limited. This can cause serious problems very closely. Do not use an area that has more power or whatever you 4X skin look a little blurry. In addition, a scope is dense fog over the rain.

A good shots from his crossbow

Now that you have made their views into consideration the type of ammunition used. You want the edge of the blade of a projectile to enter your destination effortlessly and cause maximum damage for a quick death. Therefore, what really matters is how the edge is strong.

A dull blade will not cause much damage. Instead of placing the vessels repel blood. In addition, a dull blade causes tissue damage was also a decrease in blood flow. So the blood for traces of his arrest and may not be able to find his death.

Of all the leaders of the leaf 3 blade head is the most effective.


When an arc is a shot in the forest has a sound and deer ears. So the trick is not to calm the crossbow, but the shot before you get the deer can run deer from the sound. For this, the arrow should be faster or deer should be closer. In addition, never shoot a deer when he looks in his direction that light travels faster than sound and reacts much more quickly. You're sure to lose the moment.

The best we can do is if the line break string is becoming a problem and be sure to use the faster your arrow crossbow can drive safely.

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