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Amazing Tracer Collections lighted nocks!

Tracer company has always been the leading provider of state of the art slots illuminated. However, the new collection of Tracer promises much more with the slots that are designed specifically for small diameter trees crossbow, and even screws.


The new collection from Tracer illuminated slots is probably the only of its kind in the industry, which is designed for screws crossbow and also comes with a field replaceable battery. From Tracer is the leading provider of notches on lit the quality and durability of these products can not be in doubt. Because of the long illumination lasting battery life and intense, all hunters will never lose your arrows back. Keep shooting game is also very easy with these high technology niche lighting. You can also use these slots to evaluate the performance shots and shot placement. Variations are more popular among this collection is the moon stone, and the types of plate Nock. These spaces can be easily compatible with all major varieties of fasteners crossbow aluminum that come in sizes of 2219 and 2216.

For small-diameter trees

The new range of Ultra Light Tracer is part of a series of notches such that light up perfectly compatible with the ultra-small X-ray Nock trees. Some of the arrows with which these slots are compatible with the Max Black, AXIS Easton, Beman MFX and other similar types. The light grooves only add about 26 grams of weight to the shaft of the arrow and therefore do not contribute much weight is not total. The tool making together to facilitate easy attachment of the jack to the specific depth required. After that, the installation of illuminated these niches is very simple – all you need to do is slide the battery and electronics into the bush.

Luz Long

Specific models such as the Magnetic Hunter Tracer notches may remain switched on up to 48 hours. The light illuminates the slot when the arrow leaves the bow and passes over the magnet. The magnet is located above the tray arc. These collections of slots lit only add about 39 grains of weight to the steering axle. So there are only a small drop of 1 inch at a distance of 30 meters which is almost negligible. You can easily fall into Eyeliner magnets, batteries and electronics accounted for in these slots on in the design special patented. You can replace all these parts on the ground.

Arrow Formats Supported

The Tracer illuminated collection slots can use arrows to shore as carbon, Beman ICS, Carbon Revolution, carbon Eros, Tech Rhino, Cheetah Carbon Tech, Carbon Express, Carbon Tech Virginia Gold Council, Epsilon, Laser Pro, fast attack, PSE Carbon Force, Carbon Super Hunter, Side Winder, Satellite, Super Carbon Supreme, risk and steam, etc. These slots can be used illuminated for uni-bushing mechanism aluminum arrows, 3-60 and 3-71 ACC, X, etc. Nock

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