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making archery bow strings
archery Broadhead adjustment?

Prepare to take the thunder head first, I'm confused. 1) A small adjustments Leo says to change the nocking point on the bowstring or move the arrow. Would not it be easier to adjust the focus for that? My sites are easy to move. I think it must be something going on. 2) How accurate alignment of broadheads that. I bought at the store and arrows stuck in the inserts, so there is only the tip vi positioin hunting. Is this going to be a problem? Thanks for the help

If you shoot your arrows on paper 8 'below the target can see if the arrow is kicking, or tone of arch. Try to get an idiot with just the tail, leaving three tears. ie, the notch is fine after the end point. A torn from top to bottom, must move the notch up or down and adjust the first right to left is destroying the arrow rest adjustment in or out. Once you have a bullet hole is firing his bow in a perfect center shot. Now you can withdraw your destinations and install the big head. Rotating head tipped arrow as a router to ensure that broad head and the tree line. It should run like a top. No swing. Now pull your head and adjust the point of view of impact on target. Always move the axis the arrow on the target, or what I say hunting arrow with the crosshair. If the arrow is hitting the right spot, move the axis to the right. Note also the case in the context of head-reaching, with a storm that can separate the head and neck run 1/3rd and keep it tight and make adjustments as truth. Sometimes you may have to be in a different tree to drive around:. Note: If you take photos of the carbon trees NOT to run the INSERT WARMING! The ruin. Alun trees can be as hot melt was used in the inserts. This is not really necessary to have the blades aligned with the tail. Hope this helps you, and you can go and get all information about optimizing your arrows there. Good luck to you. Hope this helps Joel, check here: / pdf / tuning_guide.pdf

Making a Braided Flemish Twist Bow String

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