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physics archery challenge
How can I solve this problem, AP Physics?

You are the challenge of an archery contest. You are in shooting an arrow at 60 m / s in a ball placed 100m high and 160m away (horizontal). Part1-Identify two angles of site you will pop the balloon (If using a solution of the calculator, simply enter the equation or equations used to find a solution.) part2-How to speed the arrow strike the ball? @ Members I forgot tell them they are not serious and I think the equation is something like this: dx = (60cos @) t = 160 dy = (60sin @) T-4.9t ^ 2 = 100, the issue centers on two corners and two-speed … I have no idea what action now

Part1 ——– The description of the location of the ball, describes a triangle at the height of 100m and 160m from the base. The elevation angle must be the angle between the two sides, I'll call H. A. = 100 b = 160m B is adjacent to one side and the opposite side, if I can find tangent, with the side that is adjacent / vs. Tana = B / H = 160/100 = 1.6 -> a = tan ^ -1 (1.6) = 57.99 degrees Part 2 ——– You have already given speed = 60 m / s, are you sure that you are not looking when the arrow is to the ball. Assuming that you have to find the time: v = d / t -> t = D / V = 60 m / sd = hypotenuse = √ (b ^ 2 + H ^ 2) = √ (100 ^ 2 160 ^ 2) = 188.7mv = d / v = 188.7/60 = 3.14 * What does the sign @ In the last part you added. Try this corrct and I'll see if I can answer.

Spelunky – Moon Room Archery Challenge – 118 points?!?!?!

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