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Idiot Proof Archery: How to Shoot Like a Pro........

 One of the best archery bow hunting books available for the hunter or competition shooter. Full of concepts and information to improve form and accuracy.

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proline compound bow
What is the best bow? Virginia Bear? proline II or a hurricane?

Hi, I am buying a compound bow. All a Proline Cyclone II, 45inch, 45 60 percent of the weight and draw release is 35-50 percent. or I could buy a bear, deer hunter is 50inch, 40-60 draw weight, 40 percent and 50 left in peace. What is the best of both? Heres Cyclone proline ( Heres Bear whitetail ( Dll? ViewItem & rd = 1 & item = 150275554051 & ssPageName = STRK: MEWN: IT & ih = 005) What do you think of proline? no experience with it? wearing the white tail is about 30 years .. Is this correct?

An arc is only a means of delivery of the arrow to the destination. If the arrow is not perfect – or as perfect as possible – the arc does not really matter. When choosing a bow, it all boils down to one thing: What happens as you? If you do not want, for whatever reason, will not be the "best" bow before you, no matter how high tech or fantasy – or new – it is. Try both and you can go with the one you love.

How to Glue Tires — ProLine Minute w/ Squirrel #6

Pro-Line Racing 1164-02 Bow-Fighter SC 2.2/3.0 M3 (Soft) Tires

Pro-Line Racing 1164-02 Bow-Fighter SC 2.2/3.0 M3 (Soft) Tires


This is a pair of Pro-Line M3 Bow-Fighter SC 2.2/3.0 Tires and Foam Inserts. FEATURES: Fits front and rear of the Traxxas Slash, Slash 4×4, Slayer, Associated SC10 and the HPI Blitz short course trucks Combination of the Pro-Line Bow Tie and Crime Fighter treads offers the best traction with long durability M3 soft compound YOU WILL RECEIVE: Two Pro-Line M3 Bow-Fighter SC 2.2/3.0 Tires and Close…

Bow-Tie LPR Truggy Tires - XTR Compound

Bow-Tie LPR Truggy Tires – XTR Compound


Hard XTR compound combined with the Bow-Tie tread design combines for great forward bite in loose conditions without sacrificing cornering ability….

Pro-Line Racing 902501 1/8 Bow Tie Tire M2

Pro-Line Racing 902501 1/8 Bow Tie Tire M2


Introducing the Bow-Tie tread design for 1:8 Buggies. The 1:8 Bow-Tie stems from years and years of research and development from its 1:10 scale and monster truck counterparts. Pro-Line team driver Chad Bradley first reported that it is the next contender on blue-groove, hooked-up surfaces after testing them at the Farm II. The Bow-Tie?s design provides unsurpassed forward bite due to the horizont…

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